How To Play Hanabi

Hanabi is a 30 minute game for 2-5 players, in which you work together to recover a disorganized fireworks show. Race the clock to set up the best display you can muster. Take explosive risks in this game of confusion and cooperation. In Hanabi, there are 5 sets of cards from 1 to 5, players are dealt a hand of cards that they must not look at. Hold your cards so that everyone can see them except for you. When you are playing a card, you build one stack for each colour of card.

Each stack must be built from 1 to 5. If you played a card that is already on the table or is not the next in the sequence for its colour, your play is invalid and you lose a fuse token. On their turn, each player must choose to take one of three actions. They can – share a piece of information with another player, discard a card, or play a card.

At the end of the game, your score is determined by adding up the highest card of each colour. The more cards you were able to play, the better your fireworks display will be! When you use your action to share information on your turn, you must take one of the blue clock tokens from the table and return it to the box lid.

You may share information about one other player. You can share about either one specific colour or one specific number. When you do so, you must point to _every_ example in that player’s hand. For example, you can say “You have 2 green cards” or “You have 3 ones”. If there are no blue tokens available you cannot share information this turn.

When you use your action to discard a card, you must announce that you are discarding a card permanently. You can then try to pick a card from your hand that you don’t think will be useful, discard it, and then return a blue clock token from the box lid to the center of the table. Be careful though, because there is only one of each 5 card.

When you use your action to play a card, you must announce that you are playing a card. You can then pick a card from your hand and attempt to add it to the fireworks display. If the card can be added to a display, congratulations! More about hanabi and other games here:

You picked a good card. If the card cannot be added to a display, you must return a fuse token to the box. If the removed the third fuse icon, game over!

If you successfully played a card of value 5, you get a bonus for completing that firework. Return one blue clock token to the table for free! If you played or discarded a card, draw a new card from the draw pile to complete your turn.

Be sure to draw cards so you can’t see what you drew. Once the draw pile runs out, everyone gets one more turn until the game is over. The game can also end if, you lose the third fuse token, thus revealing the explosion, Or if you finish all 5 fireworks displays. At the end of the game, add up the highest value card played for each colour of firework. Were you able to build a legendary display of 25 points? Or were you booed by the crowd with less than 5 points.

Compare your score to the chart in the rule book to see how you fared. To begin the game, shuffle all of the red, green, blue, yellow, and white cards and deal 5 to each player in a 2 or 3 player game, or 4 each in a 4 or 5 player game. Stack the fuse tokens with the explosion at the bottom and the longest fuse token at the top. Place all of the blue clock tokens in the center of the table next to the lid of the box. Once you have mastered the basic rules of Hanabi, check out the alternate variants in the rule book.

We’re Games Explained, and that’s how to play Hanabi.

The Suspicious Retirement Of Michael Jordan

(light bulb buzzing) (whistling and squeaking shoes) – Hello, and welcome to Unsolved Sports Conspiracies, a show where we examine sport’s greatest myths and debate their validity. This week we explore Michael Jordan, AKA the Goat’s departure from basketball to baseball. Was it a decision made on his own volition or were their other factors involved?

– Just blasphemy. – I know we’re talking about the GOAT, we’re talking about the shiny god of basketball, perhaps the man who saved the sport, but you know what, we’re doing the Lord’s work here. – Alright. – So all you Jordan stans sharpen your knives and let’s dig in.

In October 1993, just one day before the start of training camp for the Chicago Bulls 1993, 1994 season, Michael Jordan, widely considered to be the greatest basketball player of all time, announced his retirement from the NBA. The announcement came as quite the shock, considering Jordan was only 30 years old, in the prime of his career, and was dominating the NBA. Jordan was also coming off a three-peat. I think we need to give a little perspective about how insane it was that he moved away from basketball at the prime of his career. And one day before training camp. I think we should also put into perspective if this was in the age of Twitter, Twitter would explode if Lebron decided, “You know what?

“Just won three in a row, time to hang it up.” – [Zack] It’s like a, “Screw you, guys. “I’m outta here, you can’t do anything about it.” – Phil Jackson’s looking at his playbook, all of them just have a triangle with ‘Jordan’ written in the middle of it. Following his NBA retirement, Jordan went on to play professional baseball with the Birmingham Barons, a AA Southern League team, to mixed results, never achieving a spot in the Major Leagues as Jordan had planned.

Then, on March 18th, 1995, Jordan announced he was returning to basketball by sending out faxes via his agent, David Falk, with a two-word quote from Jordan, quote, “I’m back,” end quote. Just reading that gave me chills. – That’s incredible. – [Ryan] Just 17 months after his retirement, Jordan returned to play out the rest of the season with the Bulls and, as many of you know, would later go on to achieve a second three-peat in the year 1998 before he retired for good. Those are the facts, but what has puzzled many is the why.

Why leave a sport when you’re at the top? Especially when you consider the fact that Jordan is famous for being intensely competitive, taking pleasure in not just beating his opponents, but dominating them. One possibility was to honor his father. Tragically, at the time of his first retirement, Jordan was in mourning after the recent murder of his father, James Jordan, that had occurred less than three months prior. The murder was said to be the result of a robbery gone wrong. Michael had been very close with his father throughout his career and James Jordan was an avid baseball fan who reportedly had said he wished Michael had been a baseball player.

– [Zack] That makes sense to me. His dad was a baseball guy, always wanted Jordan to play baseball. His dad passes away and he’s like, “You know what?

“I need to honor my dad.” I think that is a huge factor in the whole reason why Jordan went on to play baseball. – [Ryan] And I know I’m pushing the conspiracy here, but I gotta say, that’s a pretty good explanation. I would want to honor my pop if he wanted me to play baseball.

– [Zack] Now I will say it’s a little fishy just because you are the greatest basketball player. Like, people are already considering him one of the greats after his first three championships. – [Ryan] In a weird way, though, it almost added to his legend and lore. Like, now the debate is how many would he have won. – [Zack] Seven or eight. – [Ryan] Another possibility was that Jordan simply wanted to try different things, perhaps bored by his steady dominance of basketball.

Jordan said during his retirement press conference, quote, “I’ve always stressed to people that have known me “and the media that has followed me that when I lose “the sense of motivation and the sense of “to prove something as a basketball player, “it’s time for me to move away from “the game of basketball,” end quote. Jordan reportedly did not want his NBA career to fade out and, according to his teammates, had been talking about the possibility of retirement for some time. He was so dominant that he was able to say, “I’m bored of this, I’m gonna move on to something else,” and nobody was like, “(beep) you, Mike.” – [Zack] Well, once again, I still think it was a sigh of relief for all the NBA when Jordan left. – Well, that’s what I’m saying, that’s the point I’m making.

If we were playing pick-up and we’d won six games in a row and we went, “You know what? “Competition isn’t good here, you all bore me. “It’s time to leave and go to a better park.” – I think that the players that you’re playing pick-up with, they’re mad because they’re like, “No, we wanna stay on the court, we wanna play these guys.” – I realize I just casually made a comparison between me and Zack Evans to Michael Jordan, I realize that, but it was for the sake of an example.

– It will also happen four to five more times in this episode. – Because it’s an easy comparison to make. – Easy, easy, I’ve been called the Michael Jordan of things before.

– If I was a foot taller, you’d read about me in the history books. (laughing) That being said, some have theorized that Jordan’s abrupt departure from basketball and his subsequent return so soon afterward was a coverup to hide a gambling suspension and that it was in the best interest of the NBA to keep this quiet to maintain the image of the league and its star player. Let’s get in to the conspiracy. Before we get into this, I gotta say I am as big a Jordan fan as most of you out there, but to establish this conspiracy, we do kind of need to establish that he liked gambling. I may say some things that a lot of you out there don’t want to hear.

– [Zack] Yeah, just ’cause he spends, you know, $100,000 in a night just for no reason. – [Ryan] I don’t think he’s a bad person. You know what, it’s Monopoly money to him. I don’t give a (beep), he’s an adult. Do what you want with it, it’s your money. – Michael Jordan was the NBA, right?

So I understand if you were going to suspend him, you would maybe wanna keep it quiet, but there is so much trust in that, knowing that David Stern, the commissioner of the NBA at the time, being like, “Hey, here’s our great idea, Mike, “you’re gonna fake retirement and go play baseball “and we’re just gonna cover this whole thing up, “but really you’re suspended but just don’t tell anyone. “You can be back in a year.” Why would you suspend someone just ’cause he gambles a lot? – Well, it’s good that you asked that because I’m about to get into just how possibly bad this actually was. And once again, Jordan stans, stay out of my mentions. – Stay out of my mentions, @ZackEvans on Twitter.

(laughing) – [Ryan] In May, 1991, during the playoffs against Philadelphia, Jordan used a two-day break in the series to go to Atlantic City, returning at 6:30 AM before attending a 10 AM team workout. Two years later, in May, 1993, Jordan once again took a detour to Atlantic City to gamble in the midst of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Knicks. He was reportedly gambling until around 2:30 AM on a Tuesday morning and returned to New York just ten hours before a game that night. He later explained he made such trips when he was too wound up to sleep.

– [Zack] This is just showing also how good Michael Jordan was, is that he would stay up ’til 5 in the morning in Atlantic City and then just drop 40. – [Ryan] Yeah, (laughing) I know. – That’s my thing, like, it never really affected Jordan. – It’s almost like he was so bored that he felt the need to put challenges against himself. – Yeah, that’s crazy.

– That’s one way to spin it. Another way to spin it is maybe he had a gambling problem. Although Jordan’s penchant for gambling was already established, it was news of his associations with a few specific men that brought his gambling into the media spotlight in the early ’90s. In December, 1991, it came out that Jordan regularly participated in high stakes gambling with a man named James Slim Bouler. – [Zack] I don’t like it, anyone named like Slim, Slick.

– [Ryan] Or if you have little in front of face, like Little Jimmy. – [Zack] And if your name is Little Jimmy, but you weigh 300 pounds. – [Ryan] You don’t (beep) with Little Jimmy. – [Zack] You don’t wanna mess with those guys. – [Ryan] And Jordan messed with them. – [Zack] And Jordan was messing with them.

– [Ryan] Bouler had twice been convicted for cocaine possession and was facing a third charge which, if guilty, would saddle him with a life sentence. He was also charged with money laundering. When investigators seized Bouler’s belongings, they found a $57,000 cashier’s check made out to Bouler and signed by Michael Jordan. – That’s bad.

(laughing) Don’t like that. – Also, once again, not to keep looping back to this, a testament to how good he was at basketball. He was so good that things like this were like, “Eh, let him play.” Jordan explained that the $57,000 was repayment for money Jordan had lost to Bouler betting on golf games, as well as money Jordan borrowed from Bouler to cover debts from poker and other gambling endeavors.

Also that year, on February 19th, 1992, bail bondsman Eddie Dow was shot dead by four men just outside his home in North Carolina. The men who killed Dow robbed him of the roughly $20,000 in cash he had in his briefcase that night, but left the papers inside. Among those papers, police found photocopies of three checks written by Michael Jordan totaling $108,000, funds that were also related to gambling.

– [Zack] No, Mike, come on. How much were, like, NBA players getting paid back then? ‘Cause now they’re signing $120 million contracts. – [Ryan] $108,000 to Steph Curry might as well be (beep) Disney dollars.

In March, 1992, the NBA launched an investigation into Jordan’s gambling. While the league had no rules against gambling in general and Jordan was not under investigation by law enforcement, they wanted to ensure Jordan had not bet on professional basketball games and that his associations would not bring disrepute to the league. – [Zack] Okay, say he was betting on basketball games. 90% of, like, crooked people in professional sports who would bet on it, they would bet on their team to lose and they would throw the game. – [Ryan] Yeah, they would shave points.

– [Zack] Where Jordan would do the opposite. He would bet on the Bulls to win and just go out and ball out. – [Ryan] Yeah, he’s like, “Bet on me, I’m dropping 50.” – [Zack] Yeah. – [Ryan] A three-week investigation turned up no evidence of wrongdoing on Jordan’s part and was laid to rest with a promise from Jordan that he would no longer associate himself with high stakes gamblers. There you go, he didn’t do anything wrong.

– [Zack] He’s clean, he’s like, “Hey, I have some shady friends.” I feel like that’s everybody. – [Ryan] Then on June 3rd, 1993, Richard Esquinas, a former general manager of the San Diego Sports Arena, alleged that he and Jordan had gambled on golf games for years and that Jordan had racked up a debt of 1.25 million, which, according to Esquinas, was negotiated down to $300,000. In an interview with Connie Chung, Jordan denied Esquinas’s figure of 1.2 million and claimed he only ever owed him $300,000.

– If Michael Jordan owes you 1.2 mill, you’re not gonna negotiate down to 300,000. Almost a million dollars less, $900,000 less. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Also, Michael Jordan’s good at golf. – [Ryan] The NBA launched a second investigation shortly after Esquinas made news with his allegations, but just a week and a half after Jordan’s October 6th retirement, NBA commissioner David Stern announced that the investigation was concluded and Jordan was cleared, which some point to as evidence of the conspiracy theory. You get that, right?

He says he’s going to retire and then suddenly Stern comes in and goes, “He’s clear. “The investigation proved nothing.” Could be coincidence.

– Man, slippery Stern. Let me just say, he did great things for the NBA. (laughing) – [Ryan] Jordan’s wording during his retirement announcement has been examined as possible evidence that Jordan made a secret deal with David Stern. In the conference Jordan said, quote, “Five years down the line, “if that urge comes back, if the Bulls have me, “if David Stern lets me back in the league, “I may come back,” end quote, the key part being, “If David Stern lets me back into the league.”

– [Zack] “If Stern let’s me back in,” what do you mean if, you’re Michael Jordan. Imagine even, like, let’s say the Bulls before Michael Jordan got there, how much they were worth and then after the three championships how much they were worth. – [Ryan] Yeah, I get the point you’re making. You’re saying, like, if he’s essentially saved the league, why is Stern then nickel-and-diming him over this (beep), like, gambling thing when in reality he can just keep raking in the cash.

And if Stern’s real interest is saving the league, why not just let him play? – But if he did, say, suspend Jordan, right, and gave him a secret suspension, you let Jordan leave for a year and come back, all of a sudden those gambling problems magically disappear. – Time heals everything. – You could walk up to Michael Jordan right now and say, “I’ll bet you $1,000 that I could beat you “in a footrace from here to that door–” – Do you think you could, 50-year-old Michael Jordan?

Let’s make it happen, I think I could too. – Yeah, MJ. – I’m calling you out, Mike. That being said, Stern insisted there was no connection between this investigation and Jordan’s retirement, stating, quote, “As far as the NBA is concerned, “Michael Jordan did nothing wrong and I resent “any implications to the contrary,” end quote. I don’t trust this man.

– Here’s the real conspiracy, and it’s the movie Space Jam. – Okay. – Someone pitched him the idea, the script for Space Jam, and it was a little soft, “Why would I do this? “It’s just I’m gonna go save the Looney Tunes?”

And they go, “Here it is. “You retire from the NBA and go play baseball. “We write this into the script.” It was all a marketing ploy for the movie Space Jam ’cause the Space Jam movie does not work without him retiring and coming back. – I think it’s incredibly stupid.

– Tell me it’s not crazy. – Oh, it’s crazy. – I’m just saying you saying that there is some weird secret suspension is crazier than me saying that it was all marketing for a movie that was a smash hit. I don’t think that gets talked about. Like, Michael Jordan just opened up his entire life. Him retiring, the whole reason why he comes back, for a movie with Looney Tunes.

– [Ryan] Over the course of his storied career, Michael Jordan has managed to astound the public at every turn, inspiring legions of fans, including myself. The question of why perhaps the greatest basketball player of all time left the sport only adds to the legend and will remain unsolved. (suspenseful instrumental music)

How To Sign Up at a Casino

Thank you for joining me today as we make history and sign you up at the online casino of your choice. And not to worry, it’s so easy and straightforward, there’s no way you can screw it up. That is, unless you’re my mom. Hey mom!

Step One: find the casino that’s right for you. Some casinos, like Betway, are “instant play” – meaning you don’t need to install software on your computer to play them. Rather, you play completely online. To sign up for these types of casinos, click on the button on the homepage that says either “Sign Up”, “Open Account” or “Play Now.” The site will prompt you to create an account with a unique username, password, valid email address, personal and contact details and preferred language and currency. Then you’ll be asked to accept the Casino policy, but make sure to stay awake reading those Terms and Conditions before you do. Then hit the “Register” button and you have yourself an account! Congrats, I applaud you.

Now, depending on the casino, you can play for fun. Or if you want to hop right on the gravy train, you can place some bets! But, as they say, you need money to make money. So first things first: deposit money into your account. Click the Account tab or Bank button, and then the option to “make a deposit” that follows. You’ll be sent to a secure page, where you can safely choose and pay through your preferred payment option. Your account balance should adjust instantly. Online casinos that are not instant play require you to download their free software. To play these, click the “Download Software” or “Download Casino” button on the casino home page. Then click on the .exe file that appears at the bottom left of your browser and choose “run” when Windows prompts you if you want to run the file. Finally, hit the “install” button, sign into the software with your username and password and you’re good to go. That is IT.

Sign up in less time than it took you to read this article and start raking in the dough in mere minutes! But don’t forget to check back soon for more helpful articles on online casinos. Meanwhile, you may also want to check out Casinoslots for other interesting tips.

Choices in Keno

Keno is a game that is less difficult to understand and this is one of the reasons for which the game is highly acclaimed all over the world and played at every corner of the world on a regular basis. The first thing that a player needs to do is to make a choice of ten or twenty numbers from one to eighty. However, similar to other games, the players should be provided with some tips for a game of keno that will put them into action. In this context, it is to be remembered by the players of keno, even before the game has actually started, that they are sufficiently aware about the characteristics, mechanism and the choice of words that are a vital part of this game. Once the player is familiar with these aspects, playing this game would be incredibly easier much beyond the expectations.

In a game of Keno, the player can often hear the word ‘race’ that is a frequently used word literally of course, but for the game of Keno, it is meant to specify a one round of game. In fact, in some of the casinos, there are various races that materialize on each day.

Perhaps, there are not many differences in the mechanism of playing and to draw the winning number, but there is one actually and that is the money that is in stake and this is how we are able to differentiate one game of keno from the other. If you are intending to play a game of keno online, you should try to visit as many sites as possible before deciding on playing the game and the preference should be to select those sites that are offering better opportunities to earn more. Once a set of numbers are decided by the players, it can be reused several times in each and every game of Keno.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

Bankroll scenarios

You might play at a smaller or larger amount than $1 per spin, or you might spin at a lower or higher rate than 600 per hour, and as is always the case in gambling, even though the machine might be set at 90% return, you could win or lose at much different ratio, remember that 90% return is based on large numbers, in the short run of a couple of hours or even a couple of days it might return zero, of course you could also hit a jackpot or two, that’s why it is gambling.

Also if after doing the above calculation for your style of play you find it more money than you can afford, then adjust. You can adjust the amount per spin, numbers of spins per hour, playing time, etc.

You can also back into this calculation, by saying something like I am comfortable with $1000 total bankroll and I want to play $2 per spin at 400 spins per hour, how long can I play.

Using this scenario you would multiply 400 spins times $2 for $800 in total play per hour, with a 90% return of around $720 or about $80 per hour, so with $1000 bankroll you could play those one-armed bandits for twelve and a half hours, or about four hours per day.

Or you might say I want to play four hours per day. In this scenario you would divide $1000 by 12 (four hours times three days), the result would be approximately $80 per hour, so you could play $2 per spin at 400 spins per hour.

There are many way to calculate your bankroll, these are just a few, but proper session planning and bankroll budgeting in advance will make your stay more enjoyable and less likely to find you broke on the first night!

Now I know I started this blog off by saying you take you money to win, not lose. Then I calculated how much to take based on losing, so you are asking, why the contradiction?

Well, in the above formula the amount of your bankroll is based on playing time vs. house percentage, over the long run this will probably play out, but over the short run of a few hours or a few days anything is possible, both losing streaks and winning streaks. As a proponent of the “Law of Attraction”, I am taking my money to attract one of those winning streaks.

Know your play. Know your way.

How Did Casino Royale Happen?

The original novel was written by Ian Fleming and was published in 1953. The book was a great success in the UK, resulting in the series of books that followed and Fleming sold the film and television rights to this first book early. The first of the adaptation to hit the screen was in 1954. This television play starred Barry Nelson as Bond, although he was a CIA agent.

The rights to the other Bond films were picked by Harry Saltzman and Cubby Broccoli, who started the official film series with Dr No played by Sean Connery. The rights to Casino Royale were picked up meanwhile by Charles K. Feldman. He rejected the idea of making a film with Sean Connery and decided to make it a comedy, released in 1967. The film had David Niven, Peter Sellers and many others but it was a complete mish mash of ideas.

Meanwhile there a dispute continued between Eon, the producers of the Bond films, and Kevin McClory, who had been the producer of Thunderball and whose work on the story is acknowledged on the novels after he could take Fleming to court. McIlroy claimed the rights to produce a rival James Bond series, backed by Sony, who had by now owned the Casino Royale rights. He went to court several times, however, the lawsuit was thrown out and the rights of Casino Royale were sold to MGM, the studio that had backed Eon financially.

Casino Royale made it to the big screen in 2006, and the whole world went ‘Bond crazy’ again. Having Daniel Craig as 007 and Eva Green as Vesper Lynd, the film did prove to be a phenomenal success. Vesper Lynd was the best Bond girl in all years. In Casino Royale she wore an Algerian Love Knot given to her by her lover.Картинки по запросу Casino Royale

Casino Royale stands as an oddity when compared to the other James Bond films because of the way in which it was finally made to the screen in 2006. It was the first book of the series, written by Ian Fleming. However, the producers of the official James Bond series had been unable to secure the rights of it. The reason for this was because Fleming had sold the television and film rights of the book back in 1954 and when the remaining of the films rights was sold, they did not include Casino Royale.

The rights to the other Bond films were picked by Harry Saltzman and Cubby Broccoli, who started the official film series with Dr No played by Sean Connery. The rights to Casino Royale were picked up meanwhile by Charles K. Feldman. He rejected the idea of making a film with Sean Connery and decided to make it a comedy, released in 1967. The film had David Niven, Peter Sellers and many others but it was a complete mish mash of ideas.

Meanwhile there a dispute continued between Eon, the producers of the Bond films, and Kevin McClory, who had been the producer of Thunderball and whose work on the story is acknowledged on the novels after he could take Fleming to court. McIlroy claimed the rights to produce a rival James Bond series, backed by Sony, who had by now owned the Casino Royale rights. He went to court several times, however, the lawsuit was thrown out and the rights of Casino Royale were sold to MGM, the studio that had backed Eon financially.

Thus, even if an Algerian Love Knot didn’t appear in the novel, for a faithful adaptation of Casino Royale on the big screen it took a long time. Casino Royale made it to the big screen in 2006, and the whole world went ‘Bond crazy’ again. Having Daniel Craig as 007 and Eva Green as Vesper Lynd, the film did prove to be a phenomenal success.


WWE, WCW & ECW former wrestlers

As you can see wrestling is actually a very important part of my life as well as online casino gaming. The reason for that is because as a child of 6 years old my grandfather introduced it me to it. On Saturday’s this is what we did. It bonded us in a way that has NO description. And more than enough times when I watch wrestling I feel as though he is right here with me moaning, puffing, grunting and shouting to the TV “Knock him out!”

One of the things I love the most about wrestling is being able to talk to the many fans (or shall I say marks because the real fans are far and few) that follow sports entertainment. I also love it when I get the chance to meet and talk to some of the wrestlers. I will be working on a picture gallery shortly. But one of the biggest questions that comes up in conversation is “What ever happened to?”, “Where is he now?” or after finding out someone has been released or left (after contracts expires or quitting) “Will they ever show up again?”

Wrestling is a very demanding sport both mentally & physically and in some of the things I have read most times you make little to nothing starting out. As I grow more and more into Jab & Grapple I will do my best to provide information on those often asked questions which bring me to today’s topic.

After Vince McMahon purchased WCW from Ted Turner there was a major buzz on who he would keep and who he would let go. And the same rule applied to ECW after they disbanded. At least that the PC word for it. The truth is they could not compete with WWE when it came to drawing crowds and making money.

Here are some of the former WWE, WCW & ECW stars that are now with TNA Wrestling:

  1. WWE’s Road Dogg Jesse James-Now known as “BG James
  2. WWE’s Christian-Now known as “Christian Cage
  3. WWE’s Gail Kim
  4. WWE’s Jeff Hardy
  5. WWE’s/WCW’s Jeff Jarrett-Kept his name and runs TNA
  6. Jerry Lynn formerly of WWE/WCW/ECW
  7. Kevin Nash formerly of WWE/WCW
  8. WWE’s Badd Ass Billy Gunn-Now known as “Kip James
  9. WCW’s Primtime Elix Skipper
  10. ECW’s/WWE’s Rhino
  11. WWE’s Kid Quick-Now know as Ron “The Truth” Killings
  12. ECW’s Sabu
  13. Known in WWE as “The Kid”, “The Kamikaze Kid”, “The 1-2-3 Kid” & “X-Pac” and in WCW as “Syxx”-Now known as Sean Waltman
  14. WCW’s/WWE’s Shannon Moore-Now Known as “The Prince of Punk Shannon Moore
  15. ECW’s Simon Diamond
  16. WCW’s Sting (What a surprise)
  17. Last but not least ECW’s/WWE’s Dudley Boys-Now known as Brother Devon & Brother RayTeam 3D

Wow what a lineup. Eventually I will be doing more on TNA Wrestling but this is just a small glimpse at the after life of some of wrestling well knowns after life in the WWE & WCW.

WrestleMania 22 predictions Part 3

Mr. McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels in a No Holds Barred Match

For all the MARKS out there yes Shawn should win considering everything Vince has done to him. And honestly just based upon crowd POPS he should win. But I can remember early Shawn and he is becoming a shadow of what he once was. This is not a personal attack on him the person but it is a harsh dose of reality when it comes to the countdown of a wrestlers “in ring” participation. Shawn has heart for continuing to wrestle with known back problems. At one point his career was threatened due to the severity of his back injuries. But GOD is good and saw it fit for him to return. But since coming back I noticed he is not as agile as he was before the injury, he moves a slight bit more gingerly in the ring, and if I can be honest he takes way too many beatings. He has put over lots of wrestlers since coming back and that is a good mark of a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER. But the only way he will pull this off is if Vince thinks he should win. Prediction: Vince McMahon

World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton

All 3 wrestlers are great in the ring and all have a style of their own. When it comes to great acrobatic Lucha Libre moves Rey Mysterio represents well. Randy Orton is definitely today’s wrestler with stamina, great defensive moves, yet with a ole’ school flavor. I mean being a 2nd or 3rd generation wrestler why should he? And Mr. Kurt Angle…The technical wrestler’s, wrestler. I have been a fan of his since he came to the WWE. He has not disappointed me at all in the ring. This match will possess a lot of thrills. But I do see Angle winning this one. Prediction: Kurt Angle

John Cena vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship

Rock & Roll versus Hip-Hop, New School versus Ole’ School. Okay here we go…My mind is looking a Triple H’s resume in the WWE. He has hed the title 10 times and has survived some of the most grueling matches. He is truly a “Cerebral Assassin” as he is called. He has the true skill of mentally throwing opponents off their game. Now I can’t go without saying this…Being Vince’s son-in-law and soon to be father of Stephani McMahon’s baby I think that will definitely be a factor. I say this because behind the scene and in front of the camera Vince looks out for those who are committed to him and the company. Triple H has been there when many others left. He carried the torch when there was no one else to do it. John Cena…the Hip-Hop wrestling thug. As much as will say he has skills & flow on the mic but as long as he has been in the WWE his ring skills have not sharpened. I am not say he can’t wrestle but there have been times I have been afraid watching him wrestle. He does possess a smashmouth type of style and maybe in a hardcore match it might come in handy but against Triple H??? He needs to be just a bit more technical. Prediction: Triple H

Do not be surprised if somewhere down the line Ric Flair challenges Triple H for the title.

WrestleMania 22 predictions Part 2

Undertaker vs. Mark Henry (Casket Match)

At 13-00 in his WrestleMania matches the Undertaker is probably a favorite to win. Yeah okay because he beat Yokozuna who was his biggest opponent does not really warrant him doing it this time. If I had to just logic for this match I would look at it this way…The Undertaker has gotten older. I mean for real it is expected. I applaud him for his run and even admire the fact he is well respected in the locker room but the younger cats are bringing it now. Mark Henry has had many runs with the WWE and in all of his runs “The World’s Strongest Man” has been the center of his image. Finally He has come back with a “Crash through the wall” type of style and having this match does something for his career. Mark is the younger guy in this. He may not be fast but between the two he just strikes me as being the stronger one. That alone says he should win but I do believe the hype around The Undertaker being 13-0 and him being the senior will be factors in him winning. Prediction: The Undertaker

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

This is a inter-promotional match that will consist of 3 Smackdown Superstars and 3 Raw Superstars. The Superstars representing Smackdown will be Bobby Lashley, Matt Hardy and Fit Finlay while representing Raw will be Shelton Benjamin (current Raw Intercontinental Champion), Rob Van Dam, and Ric Flair. Out of all 6 participants Matt Hardy & Rob Van Dam are seasoned Ladder Match veterans. If I am not mistaken this is Ric Flair’s second ladder match in his whole career. At his age I am not feeling much participation from him. Now when I say that I am saying I do not see him doing some of the “Off the ladder” moves that the other participants will try. I sense the same feeling for Lashley & Finlay also. Lashey being big as all outdoors but not as agile and Finlay like Flair being up in age does not give me a good feeling when it come to utilizing the ladder for moves. Benjamin I am feeling somewhat of willing to try a move. I do not recall him being in a ladder match but he should be one to watch. Hardy & Van Dam I see taking it to the limit so they definitely are my favorites for the crowd response on ladder moves. And as funny as this sounds I think Flair just might win this. Prediction: Ric Flair

WrestleMania 22 predictions Part 1

It’s all happening this Sunday. Sports Entertainment’s biggest showcase…WrestleMania 22. Normally we have the WrestleMania party with all the fixin’s but due to a change (massive change) in household income I am praying we will be able to hold true to a household tradition.

Anyway I would like to drop my predictions. Even though those of us that are true followers of wrestling not the MARKS (Mark – A member of the audience, presumed gullible.) know all of the matches are predetermined but none the less fun to predict. So here is my 2 cents worth:

Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle in a Playboy Pillow Fight

Who cares? It will be a whole lot of rolling around, T’s shaking and A’s bouncing. If Victoria stays out of it and Candice doesn’t try to use her wand I can see Torrie winning. But once again it doesn’t matter.

Boogeyman vs. Booker T & Sharmell

This one should be interesting. I am still trying to find out more on the guy that plays Boogeyman but if in fact Sharmell is not at ringside I think Booker T’s ring skill will be tested. Boogeyman’s style is more of power than technical and if he can keep Booker T grounded he could possibly win. Prediction: Boogeyman

Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James for the Women’s Championship

In watching both ladies wrestle Trish strikes me as having just a little more ring skill than Mickie does. In previous matches I have spotted Mickie over-running her spot or not hitting her move at the right time. Trish on the flipside of the coin executes the same moves but she gets the bigger POP(Pop – Sudden heat from a house as a response to a wrestler’s entry or hot move.) no matter what. This particular match has potential for a great ANGLE (Angle – A wrestling plot which may involve only one match or may continue over several matches for some time; the reason behind a feud or a turn.). But if I have to predict it will be Trish if there is no interference. Prediction: Trish

Big Show & Kane vs. Chris Masters & Carlito for the World Tag Team

Now this has been an interesting road for both teams. You have had both teams wrestling together as well as one-on-one. Looking at both Big Show & Kane they have both dominated a mass majority of their matches. But they are both slow. Carlito and Chris are smaller in size which makes the a little quicker on the moves. As individual wrestlers they both are very good technically and honestly they probably would do good as the Tag-Team Champions but they will resort to winning a matches anyway they can if the possibility of losing is there. That has been proven in the last 2 matches they have had. Prediction: Big Show & Kane

WrestleMania 22 predictions Part 2 (4)

United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. JBL

Bar none Chris Benoit ranks up there with some of the best technical wrestler ever to grace the squared circle. JBL on the other hand is high ranking when it comes to power wrestlers. Not to mention the fact he is also a great bleeder. The disadvantage for Benoit is height and this could possess a challenge for him. JBL is also a dirty player when things are not in his favor. This is a hard one to call. I would like to see Benoit win but I see JBL on this one. Prediction: JBL

Edge vs. Mick Foley (Hardcore Match)

No doubt some of the best Hardcore matches have been given by Mick Foley. Personally his best were with Terry Funk but none the less he is known as the top Hardcore match specialist. Edge is known to have participated in the best TLC matches in WWE history and it has yet to be recreated. But let’s go back in time for a quick second. The last good somewhat of a hardcore match Mick Foley had was in the Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker at King of the Ring. He sustained some major injuries and if you ask me those injuries had an effect on his Hardcore matches from that point on.

In his “Loser must retire” match against Triple H it was clear his injuries had not totally healed. That to me was his last hardcore match. So now we come to this match against Edge. I see Mick giving his best (as he always does) but for some strange reason I am feeling Edge with the win. I am sure Edge will probably take the beating but in the end I just think he will win. Prediction: Edge