10 Gaming Products That Will Make You Better!

And your-your hair is already like a bit yellow. I feel like I look like a backstreet boy. Backstreet boys alright! What’s going on guys I am Matthias. Today we have a brand new video for you Okay, this video is designed to help you be better at gaming whoo Get the MNSTR get the Doritos Hot Pockets we’re going to town I’m gonna let you know whether these items are GG or Reee First product catalyst caffeinated gaming fuel energy powdered drink mix brain energy supplement adaptogen Adaptogen oohh that’s a new one copy paste enter paste and search Adaptogen a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes What about ginkgo biloba? Is that an adaptogen?

We all know there’s no denying and that caffeine will make you jittery it’ll increase your alertness for sure But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will increase your accuracy two different things So I think what they did is they offset it with other things that are like focus boosting endurance boosting see caffeine does endurance That’s what that’ll do right, but the amino acids, the adapoofofofofoaybe these things will subdue the caffeine *Jeopardy Music* (Geez, can’t he take a hint?) If I are you before like you game I would like eat some protein because that’s actually gonna help you focus Subscribe now by the way you should subscribe now to this channel sucka. Watermelon Hail. What the hail?

What the hail is watermelon? You really cracked yourself up there, didn’t you? Memory retention stress reduction see when you add caffeine I don’t think you can say stress reduction caffeine will make you stressed, right I don’t think that’s a big shock you never know though. I’ve seen some comments like: (Imitates Screaming Dinosaur Child) NO IT DOESN’T! SUGAR GIVES ME WINGZ!!

The thing comes down to though is does it actually work. It’s just powder you put it in water You shake it up, and you drink it like make it kool-aid well, so is cocaine You don’t put it in water, do you? You can I’m sure who’s gonna stop you police comes up, and he’s like you putting it in water We can’t do anything about it now Here we see that caffeine is a hundred and fifty milligrams That’s a little bit more than a cup of coffee, so not a crazy amount well I just breathe in a bunch of powder, but it doesn’t smell bad That’s not what you expected me to say isn’t it? Actually smells kind of good smells like that watermelon taste bring out some glasses dog.

Let’s clink I assume that’s gonna change colors cuz Brown isn’t great I mean I guess that’s better if you’re thinking about it because there’s no maybe potentially bad food colorings because food coloring is really bad for you You didn’t put a whole lot in there. Oh, I put enough. Put more.

Put more. You put, like, a quarter of a scoop. You put half of it on the table! Ready? Oh my gosh, I did half as much as you and it’s so sweet What does this thing sweetened with?

It’s like pure sugar. Sucralose no wonder that’d be tough to get down, and I did half yours must be so intense like take it from me I drink a lot of caffeine. You know comparatively to you.

That still is gonna probably give me a headache if I drink a whole lot of that. Just based on taste alone, I’m gonna reee on this one. next item gaming glasses I’ve seen these I’ve seen professional players wear these Yeah these actually, I’ve done some of my personal research, like I said, have proven to help, but you just can’t avoid looking like an idiot wear these Here’s the thing right they seem like they don’t do anything all it is is just a yellow film exactly. That’s the whole point It’s change in color so it destresses your eyes Exactly so if you do some research, on how like your brain interprets light as a human programmed to wake up when it’s daytime That’s just how humans are programmed so when they see daylight or anything I would say above 5,000 degrees Kelvin Which is like typically a blue light you’re programmed to be more alert and more active this takes away as you can see down here A blue spike is gone, so it’s removing that blue spike I don’t know the purpose of doing that for this It looks like these are like anti fatigue so my dad actually did this he wore some yellow Glasses like an hour before he went to bed And it helped him sleep a lot because it literally kills out all the blue light and blue light is what kind of like engages you Yes light can actually stimulate your brain Helps you fall asleep Soundly prevents dry eye, and headaches protects your eyes from the risk of retinal degeneration so maybe that’s it Maybe it’s just safer to look at this because you’re not pummeling your eyes with that blue spike I don’t know you’re gonna have to do your own research, but I know for a fact these puppies can help you sleep But what about for gaming and maybe it’s just for people that look at screens a lot, so they’re not just like Usually it is usually it’s for people who are looking at screens for hours and hours and hours at a time It makes your eyes less stressed. Let’s add to cart’ nice packaging hmm. I’m getting the royal treatment here.

Look at this What is even this? Oh? Okay? So we get some what?

stickers? Do you want these no but Klim backwards is milk. You’re gonna be able to wear this all day, and no one’s gonna know you’re repping milk the plastic bag is a bad touch Though terrible puffs. Yeah, I hate it when things are shipped in like little plastic bags. This is nice, though Why you got put in the plastic bag? Okay?

There you go. Those look sleek compared to what most do You look not bad. I look like I’m from the future you Look like you’re from the movie Gattaca Alright, I can deal with that dog all right Let’s see tanner with these care always looks odd with glasses on I do for sure I’ve worked all your glasses so and your head your hair is already like a bit, yeah I feel like I look like a Bakshi You look like dude because you have a much more futuristic look with like you’re like really pale aesthetic So take them off and everything’s super blue now wow you’re right because your eyes are like compensating right yeah, these are betel. Honestly I’m gonna use these for the rest of the video because they’re not bad I’m gonna have to say. I’m not to say yeah I’m gonna take these home actually and then maybe I might get kicked out all right Saul say GG on these next item tight Fake grip all sport topical antiperspirant hand lotion my hands do sweat when I’m gaming.

It’s not gonna be great for you That’s for sure I’m wondering if this has aluminum in cuz aluminum is not great what it does is just clog your pores, so you can’t sweat It’s not doing some some magic. You know what’s the ingredient? I have to find out Add to Cart four hands and feet That’s wet beep I’m sorry dude. I mean it’s not like your feet.

I’ve never sweat though. Yeah, but don’t act like you’re above it No I’m not saying the p20 part the idea of putting this on rubbing this on your feet and being like my feel number spot anymore See that like you’re dating this girl. You look in her purse. She’s got that very Superficial or you know I have no problem touching feet. I’m a feet kind of guy, okay I’m calm down calm down when you carry when you carry something around because you sweat that much of your feet I’m concerned for you Maybe we go see a dermatologist or something Maybe that’s just a problem that they have do and you should be like you know you should stop being the 1950s Maybe you sleazebags more time.

Well, maybe you can’t fix this problem though. I have no idea about Swizz Beatz syndrome guys Let us know do you have sweaty feet? I’m you don’t have to I already have super dry hands But when I’m gaming They do get moist it was an actual issue on one of the videos where I tried to high-five Connor, and he was like Moist and then he looked at his hand and it was just as sweaty And I was like what the heck dude you make me sweat shaming oh I know this guy you’re gonna put way too much. No that wasn’t way too much apply the amount of size of a dime This is a dollar bill, okay This is like an ASMR video now.

Oh, I’m cringing so hard oh That smells medical don’t touch my mic. I swear Oh Guys hit that like button if that made you cringe it’s my hands feel it stick they don’t feel good And they smell like but I feel you’re just clogging my pores probably organized drying them out. Yeah, it’s gonna be bad Oh, yeah, it. Can’t be good next item I must say that one’s a read, but you guys can let me know down the comments below Have you ever used that and does it work dude my hands are so dry it kills me into my nails look at that It’s so dry. You’re just eating at my hand Here oh, so this is interesting let me watch this little video right here, okay?

Is she a gamer who’s Hayley bright? Talking about she’s like a gaming community person no I believe Hey Hey, don’t say it in a weird way to convince me. Okay.

Just make a good product Let’s be honest if you’re gaming on a mobile device you’re not big on gaming oh Alright, the cart here. We go this is it I have one of these. Oh, this is an old-school g4 I don’t know if it’s old school, but It’s my old school phone I used to use this phone, I use the chocolate so I have these an lg chocolate Holy crap dude click like on this video if you remember the chocolate that’s a toss back, ooh Okay, good presentation. I don’t know why everything gaming is always like green or orange. Okay, so what I like about This is that it’s slim does have ways there’s a decent amount of way It’s not as light as you’d think oh. I hate the triggers though.

Oh, that’s not a button It’s like a spring-loaded thing click it yikes. Oh, that’s a very similar the ps4. No this is has a lot of resistance Ergonomics not bad I’ve had some like remotes like this that are like Why are the buttons in odd places, so let’s check this out? Let’s add this giant phone, so it turns out This is just for Android yeah, Android well That’s a knock that’s kind of silly don’t you think to only support Android? It’s not like no one plays iOS games I think maybe it’s It’s because their particular features here right this right here is one player two player three player four player so technically you would all be Able to use one phone and connect four remotes and have like a four player game Conceivably so I mean that is a cool feature I’m not gonna lie, but then you need to have four of these things and you’re locked into Android So I don’t know here. We go.

Here’s a little map where you start the right oh Yeah, you still so bad. Well. That’s this particular game. They mapped out the controller really poorly.

Oh, okay. Okay here we go No This game is horrible, but the controller is working controllers a little small for me I’m worrying, but it has nothing to do with the controller controller works But I’m gonna give it a read because it’s Android only and it’s a little bit too small Mac’s anomic Thunderbolt black need fourth feet so it’s a chair. It’s a gaming chair Well a gaming chair make you better maybe and I’ll tell you why cuz this chair right here this thing’s a piece of garbage I Don’t tell you why it’s not Ergonomic so I don’t have any armrests on that chair. It doesn’t go high and low that well. There’s no back support There’s no neck support. It’s just a chair.

You’re just sitting down and for like maybe a casual gamer It doesn’t matter but for someone that’s gonna spend hours Gaming this will help you gain longer guaranteed because it’s ergonomic right you’re not gonna have pain as fast And we have these in the GG set right cross that way you got this I love those chairs those chairs are great And it makes a huge difference in terms of your attentiveness – right if you’re sitting at a chair And you’re so much more like yes. It’s like your position of your arms changes How you mobile you can be – you know so I think in the long run it will make you much more competitive Yeah, like two hours in on gaming You’ll be better than the guy that doesn’t have yeah And it teaches you good habits if you’re doing this this isn’t a good habit. Yeah, anything.

You know Yeah, exactly you got it you got a game with your arm. You know wax on wax off Yeah, let’s bring it out dude Add to Cart hey prepare. I got some real reading – what Yeah, how’s that feel? I feel like a king dude.

You look like a king you’re like a champ You see that and you see what else oh wait the armrests are gone, yeah, we are missing our scuzzy Oh is this the GG chair. Yeah, you cheapskate. I thought I was getting a sweet chair for my bitch here Oh, yeah You can’t get these I mean I kind of appreciate you saving my money cuz I already bought it four times For the GG set the ergonomic abilities of this chair pretty cool. You can like when there are armrests You can raise them and lower them depending on your arm length and your height and things like that you can raise these puppies up Real high it’s got good suspension.

You can move back like this that’s nice You can lock it in place if you don’t want, but this is my favorite this little pillow right here lumbar gotta Love Lombard love the lumbar will pillow That’s just for fun, and this is nice too like in between matches or something like that. You just chill back You know sipping your Mountain Dew eating some Doritos mint and then all sudden you’re overmatched starts up again. You’re like So yeah it Did I’m gonna write this one a gg-get good baby before we get into that next product big shout out to ivy Reed Mathias with that facial hair makes him look like a tiny Lumberjack tiny what you’re talking about Willis if you guys want me to read your crazy kooky comment make sure you click that subscribe button And also the bell icon cuz I collect these comments in the first 30 minutes So you want to want to be part of that notification squad next item my au gesture control armband Oh, if y’all remember that this was a like to buy where I said this Doesn’t like we buy this and guess what guys you hit tour of? 15,000 likes you smash that good for you wasn’t that crazy what I said Haha, what crazy person, and I can’t remember exactly what happened in that video But I’m gonna buy it anyways if you’re not familiar with this.

I’m gonna play your video because I’m feeling lazy today Wait I Don’t see how this is quicker than me walking up and clicking the spacebar. I’m a tech enthusiast look I look like I’m from the future You know I Drive a spaceship come on if there’s one thing that this kind of product is geared towards It’s me and I’m still having trouble with it. It’s cool, but is it effective and efficient. We’re about to find out my dude Let’s watch another one of their video.

They got three Maya was something completely new It reads the electrical activity in your muscles as an injection of your arm to let you control time and with your kids I think that the idea its implementation is poor, but the technology behind it is awesome I don’t think it’s super intuitive to control anything, but a remote arm using this moving back on TV doing like this You know just looks like you’re spanking some But what about its gaming implications can it? Make you better as a gamer let’s find out? I had the car kind of cool Brandon here kind of cool Marketing looks like like a sports watch kind of pack And this is the device It’s light should fit around most arms that aren’t giant and you can see all the contacts in there And this is how it tests your electro electric signals in your arm or something like that it’s not uncomfortable It’s a little tight not really looks pretty edgy, but I think it looks cool. Yeah It looks pretty edgy walk around like this dude now. I seriously look like I’m from the future.

Yeah, you will stop talking Oh, it’s doing something Maybe was trying to silence tanner go ahead try a few gestures double tap Bret fingers Nope wrong red fingers. Okay? Wave right No, not double tap wave left That’s waving right though.

Make a fist. It’s impressive. How wrong this is there we go.

That’s waving right you can see that I’m waving right right guys. This is my right side. I’m looking right.

I’m waving right It says wave left mouse and keyboard. I gotta try this raised arm hold fist and pull down okay raise arm What’s she doing? I’m gonna. Do it like her. She’s barely even raising. It can’t do it evidently.

Maybe I’ll raise down It worked I went down everything’s opposite. I’m holding this wrong Maybe that’s why there should be a giant arrows or a hand that says wear it this way, okay? Raise arm there. We go hold fist pull down.

Oh, we’re having some more luck here raised arm pull hold fist Hold on What that was bored I like my mouse spread fingers to select that is not intuitive Oh, I go up and down like this and then what and then I grab again spread fingers to select My gosh that hurts my hands You have to do they’re doing it way too intensely do any of you remember any of those combinations Okay, so if I hold up oh I see and then I grab it and I pull down so now I can go up and down it’s getting a little bit more intuitive now, and if I want to go to Twitter I I Don’t know that’s what I’m saying. So that’s what happens stuff. Okay, so now I have a mouse whoa hey Oh, I’m pointing to a PewDiePie video. Oh, oh it’s right click.

I guess This is so much more work than using a Mac Can you imagine gaming with this? I think it’s safe to say that this technology is way too soon. Yeah I can’t recommend that maybe there was 20 bucks all right Gaming gloves or something about that makes me cringe. Is it just like better grip. Maybe so you don’t sweat I feel like you’d sweat more in them. It says anti sweat fingerless tactical controller words Don’t go together gloves for grip and maximum comfort.

Okay, insane grip anti sweat breathable. It’s not anti sweat if anything It’s gonna make you sweat more. I mean you would think so cuz it’s covering up your pores. Yeah creating heat Yeah, flexible. I do think it will help you grip your control If that’s an issue struggle with it could help you be a better gamer I just feel like if you need gloves to play video games.

You’re trying too hard already possible I’ve never seen any professional player like give me my gloves Add to Cart oh Heck so tech gloves gaining gloves specifically designed by the foamy lizard The foamy lizard what does that mean dude should I watch out? Oh, no look. They actually drew a foamy lizard so this particular lizard has rabies yeah, and I should fear Him Here we go Wow legs are small whose hands are these for you’ll hurt. Maybe they stretch You never know what the foaming lizard now.

I’m really from the future. I’m ready for some gaming. Don’t come near me Gamers I’m the best you at Call of Duty. That’s what they all play right yeah Yeah, yeah Call of Duty players beware think of that right. Yeah, this is gonna scare all of the true hardcore gamers You see how good I am at gaming that was gaming thought you’re driving a car.

I was gaming, but I was doing truck simulator Okay It’s not bad it’s 100% my hands are already sweating the controller is not gonna slide out on my hands If you do have trouble with that next product game bytes controller game pad iPhone game controller ok minecraft edition how interesting? Minecraft bundle I wonder if this is officially licensed or not minecraft game download Oh, it must be ok so it’s for them the hardcore gamers of minecraft. Oh, that’s cool That is I think that’s a lightning port I like the idea of this though this feels much more like a switch It looks a lot like a switch it looks a lot like a switch So you can kind of like bust this out and pretend like you have a switch with a lot more games cuz let’s be honest What do you got like 20 games on a switch?

There’s like a hundred and fifty games now or something on a switch, but they’re all garbage No, there’s like Zelda and like Mario Kart and in Skyrim who hasn’t played that already They didn’t have smash bros than making a smash bros to smash bros cool. The Zelda game was awesome Yeah It was almost was like worth buying the switch naturally iPhones have tons and tons and tons of games so That’s pretty dumb car very Apple esque style box here nice little pink inlay right there or pink I was colorblind when you sell Glasses game vice. Oh is this it it fits in this little tiny thing.

I see you game vice. Oh Okay, that’s not bad close that puppy in like that boom fits snug doesn’t feel like it’s falling apart looks nice feels nice whoo these These are horrible though. I’m not talking about this I’m talking about these for this sliding all over the place really gotta take a bomb yeah, these get ready We got some buttons over here d-pad two joysticks They are very compressed joysticks, but they’ll work no buttons on the back this will help you do different phone sizes So I believe it’ll also work for a sex 6 plus iPhone 10 all that kind of jazz so that’s pretty cool 30-day free trial wait, what do you mean? It only gives you a free trial of minecraft? I thought I would have given you minecraft fine, whatever I guess is better than nothing okay here we go and Minecraft Pocket Edition has come a long way So it’s like getting way closer to Minecraft now.

What kind of place did I spawn into I swear, dude You can see the inventory going back and forth Oh, that’s one of the things that’s really bad about this controller. You can see I’m tapping and nothing’s happening You’ve gotta press hard on these. I don’t like that. That’s like kind of make-or-break I’m sure you can get used to it But it’s like one of those things where it’s like why please so if you’re like trying to kill us Deli or something like that or you know like play like One of the the mobile shooter games you have to like actually press hard And you have to remember to press hard bomber dude that kills it for me. It was so close to being so awesome Ah So if those things get fixed on this it would be a gg for sure cuz everything else about this is really nice I really like the fact the form factor where the buttons are placed how like it could just attach to your phone real quick I Like it better than the previous one like sticking your phone into that thing this I feel like is much better, but these buttons suck So Alan is a RIA SteelSeries sentry gaming eye tracker what does that mean game analyzer makes an incredible training tool to improve and optimize your performance Record and benchmark yourself against the pros see your tendencies and learn to improve them Why? Try redundant eye tracking sensors scan the eyes 50 times per second ensuring the highest levels of accuracy add to cart’ steel Sentry gaining eye tracker why do you want your eyes track though?

Analyze and improve the game you think this would improve your game I’m not a gamer So I don’t know guys if you are gamers down in the comments below will this help you improve your Gameplay will it I want to know pull up here. I’m not gonna give this a rating because I don’t even understand its purpose That’s because I’m probably not a hardcore competitive gamer, so I want to hear from you hardcore gamers that watch me It’s cool looking though. It’s kind of evil little robotic. This is just a way for this company to sneak cameras inside your house We’re actually gonna phones you can form a queue to the government so we got plug this puppy in to the computer Let’s track my balls in the head Eyeballs, that is oh jeez it’s evil looking look at that This is definitely evil looking look at my eyes see that see the things down there. If that’s where my eyes are See it’s tracking my eyes like a coyote so it’s tracking But if I’m looking at the screen is it losing me at all no it’s not unless I blink so it’s definitely having some issues Right now because we have multiple displays And it’s like it’s having troubles for sure turn on screen your screen will turn on when you approach it. That’s cool Stay awake your computer will stay awake while you’re in front of it So you can have like it fall asleep one set like a minute after you pull away But as long as you’re in front of it.

It’ll stay on so that that’s cool At least just those features are cool current distance if I get closer. You can see that current distance. That’s cool It’ll do average distances and stuff like that blinking frequency. So maybe that’s what it’s doing It’s like it’ll it’ll maybe give you advice like right now I’m moving a lot so it like the current movements going up so maybe it’ll be like hey you’re moving too much in your game Hey, you’re not looking away enough giving your eyes some rest and like maybe those things will improve your gameplay So I’m not gonna knock it, and that’s why I’m gonna Ask you guys what you think using that pull up there comments down below. Let me know okay mini Bluetooth keyboard I have one of these I hooked up PC to my TV and I was able to play some like more relaxed games with this it worked, okay?

Really it worked I mean you’re not gonna play call of duty on this thing you’re not gonna play Minecraft on this thing you’re gonna play things that Are like you know side-scrollers or more passive games where you explore places? You know and like a keyboard and mouse to have on your phone is sometimes convenient Add to Cart Well there you go. It’s a small tiny little keyboard look. How small this oh, my goodness. Here’s what’s cool, right?

This is like a mouse button right here, and that’s a mouse button right there So you have a right mouse or left mouse or right mouse or left mouse right bluetooth buttons volume up and volume down Honestly, this works a lot better as like if you’re using a PC as a media center And you want to sit back instead of like using a remote and like typing in things I hate that I hate typing in passwords with remotes. It’s the worst. Or no.

No I’m talking about like your your when you’re watching like TV at home And it’s like log in to your Netflix account oh Yeah, the points are in there like you’re like there, I mean there’s not much else to this. It’s just like kind of a cool looking keyboard and it’s relatively cheap. So like I said, I have this thing at home, It works like a keyboard.

And I’m not gonna show you it because it’s really boring just take my word for it its GG. This one right here is an arcade game on your watch. That’s not clickbait at all! Good to find out why it’s not clickbait this here is a subscribe button if you’re new here click it!

You’ll see Hugh more often. I’m Matt from the future high-five!‚úč