Is South Africa Safe?

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I travel the globe for leisure exploration and education about different cultures. Join me and you too can be Royalty This is Passport Kings, Welcome Aboard, Abroad the first thing you will notice when getting off the plane in Johannesburg Is the cleanliness Compared to places like Mexico the Caribbean and Detroit The cleanliness of this part of South Africa is some of them cleanest stuff you’ll find in the world I was still afraid to drinking water and was not gonna risk getting sick, but looking back on it I’m ashamed to think that I might have been overreacting But at the same time, I don’t drink that much unbottled water in the States so in the long run, I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.

the highways buildings High-rises roads are just as good If not better than those in the u.s. Whoever thinks Johannesburg South Africa is still a so-called “Developing” country needs to realize that it’s developed! Probably I’d say about 10 times more than you may think it is. I’m very ashamed of how the US media had me thinking this place would look compared to how it looks in reality. Easy and Dangerous at the same time? Oh busy! Costa Rica is like that, it’s ver busy, You can’t hold your phone like that..

They may stab you then take it. I don’t? What they’re going to snatch it from me?

I’m from the Bronx, man, I’ll be alright But I’d have to say that people kept telling me that once nightfall comes this place gets so much more crazier I just didn’t see it I mean I did talk to one of the uber drivers, and he’s talking about the dangers out there He said that an uber driver got killed by one of the taxi drivers because they’re tired of the over dude thinking all of their Business as I told him the cab drivers in the states are really upset about Overtaking all of their business – now I wouldn’t say nobody’s getting killed out here But I know there is still a lot of hostility He didn’t see me think that He didn’t see me think that it was the same amount of danger, and hey he’s probably right so for the record Let me just say if if townships were so prominent. They would have been all over the place. I didn’t see him I didn’t meet with any Tony, Montana accent. Dude ready to bribe me I mean, I wasn’t looking like I was filming a music video every day So if you got to be in some poor neighborhoods like if you’re in poor neighborhoods in the US They’ll be walking around with a whole bunch of expensive stuff and make sure that the team that you’re with are ready to defend you All oh you’ll be better off rolling by yourself The uber driver also told me to watch out for the crazy Nigerian dope boys that come to Johannesburg and be set tripping and opening trap houses, and yeah, he said it like that word for word See with my fingers. I didn’t see me in that plus. I know how in America They always try to pink this picture of how crazy and terrible these black people is on a beer So I’m not falling for it out there either and maybe that makes me a naive dude But I’d rather be a little bit naive than to be sitting around and being afraid of my other people what is that device?

It stops it from shaking like when you record video That makes they can’t stabilize the video where you from bro? Miami? I’m from the Bronx… You from the Bronx? You from Afrika Bambada’s hood man? Africa Bambada’ but you know what the the problem is? Africa Bambatta got himself into a little bit of trouble.

Yeah I heard bout that. Ruining his legacy! so how long you in the Jo? less than a week.

No Luck to Trump! There’s already standing armies that are opposed to the 2nd amendment Walmart will be used for military logistical points we decide what I’m saying if you look at Marshall Law’s name MART is Marshall and the Law, is spelled backwards. You just need a ….No, no don’t laugh.

I don’t put nothing past it man! Speaking of better safe than sorry some people would say that going through the townships is the only way to get that Authentic experience, but after my trip, I will wholeheartedly say that that’s not true It’s not like the city is filled with townships. This city is super industrialized modernized would a person say they never really experienced that Atlanta if they didn’t get a chance to hang out in the bluffs or Chicago without seeing the old cabrini-green or the roughest sides of the south side? Seeing what the poorest of a community does, does not mean you saw the real black people!

It’s a stupid notion plus the people there ain’t gonna be that happy to see you unless you bringing them some paper You know and you’ll get the same reaction as you would get in Brownsville Fort Greene McKinley or Parkchester and like I said a couple of videos back I aint in the drug game! so most of the times when people are upset with each other its because they’re competing over some drug Territory and if I ain’t in it to leave me out of it Passport Kings will never be just about me bragging about how much I travel this is about you and how can too the new 2018 version of my free book called make money from home So you can travel more I’ll go through some of the high risk Investments in yourself to the low risk jobs from home where the return is not as high But it’s stable no upfront costs and making your own schedule and working for a fortune 500 companies from home. So go to and click on the link on the right side How you can start making enough money so you can travel where you want to go when you want to go. One of the things that I love to do when I’m In a different country is try out some new food as you can see by the weight that I gained all right so in South Africa I heard all of this talk about King Klip. I’m like what is King Klip well.

This is slender Eel like fish that grows a lot in South Africa I mean it comes from some old Dutch word that means king of the rock well I had that on my first night there and let me tell you tastes. Just like fish well I guess it’s because it was fish, but I mean it was a little dry But other than that I had an enjoyable time eating it and trying it out. The next night.

I had ostrich and here is my Ostrich. Im going to bite it and see whats going on with the Ostrich Why, nobody else would have ordered the Ostrich? It tasted just like Steak I had it from a restaurant called Tasha’s I guess it was a little rough on the outside But other than that it was great, but some of the best food that I had in Johannesburg is when I stopped at this little streetcar that was selling steak and some type of porridge I guess it was like an oatmeal that they put gravy on I didn’t really like that part that much But when I got to the steak it was excellent the little old lady in the food truck She knew what she was doing I also ate some McDonald’s a couple of the nights which leads me into my next point I mean change your money to rands, actually you don’t really have to because well they have these little portable chip readers They slide your card right in front of your face. No matter what establishment You’re in. Whoever made those chip readers in South Africa, this person must be rich af, because every single establishment uses the same chip reader, but if your bank is like mine They’ll send a notification on how much you’re Rand Purchase was worth and actually other than the street vendors and the casinos There’s actually no real reason to carry rands on you But I just wanted to tell you that you will be amazed when you realize how much USD is worth to Rands the uber drivers would tell you how much his trip is worth, it Rands And it sounds like a reasonable amount of money, but if you like me you use your Google on your phone And then you just put Rands to USD and when you realize how much you’re about to pay this uber driver It’s almost embarrassing to give him such a low amount of money for the amount of driving that he’s done Even in McDonald’s, I brought about three regular sized Meals that in US would probably come up to a little bit over $20.00 this thing was like four bucks somebody told me that it’s just that the Rands are very weak towards the US Dollar Where there must be some sanctions on South Africa or something because I think it’s ridiculously weak And I know that they said like the BMWs and Range Rovers don’t have to ship this far So they’re a little bit cheaper out in South Africa But let me tell you everybody had a BMW or a Range Rover in South Africa I mean as as many of those as there are Camrys and ultima is in Atlanta And like I said with the rate of their currency I thought of buying one and just having it shipped, but then I realized the steering wheel is on the wrong side When I guess it wouldn’t have been Africa without the stereotypical Safari the US media would have you believe that you’d just be driving down the street and tigers and be running down the street and Lions and elephants that come stepping on the top of your car But it wasn’t like that we have to go to a safari to see all of those exotic animals, and it was Amazing I asked one of the job is where one of the jungle cats He was laughing he said he always gets people that come there treating them like the stereotype they seen on TV He was like at this point nowadays He doesn’t even get offended by it anymore, and he knew that I was in saying it tongue-in-cheek But he did tell me what a great Safari was and that’s where we went the next day Now many people are not risk-takers when it comes to things like safari and wild animals And it’s probably smarter not to be but I also don’t like how a lot of times African Americans look like we’re so afraid of everything like one of those all step-in Fetchit movies I’d like to take it to consideration if these animals was killing everyone these safaris will be closed and that’s just like bungee jumping Places they’d be closed, too if the cords kept popping Which is the same as airlines would be finished if planes kept falling out of the sky?

A tiny select few of these things can happen But the odds are just not in your favor for it to happen to you I say just take reasonable precautions like everyone else you’re not that special and it’s embarrassing when I see black people black it’s so afraid because this is the day that their life comes to an end when everyone else is just standing around and having a Good time Well somebody asked me was the Safari the same as the zoo My response is no in a zoo the animals are in the cage in the Safari. You’re in the cage with four wheels Yeah, you’d be surprised you go to Manhattan thinking the rest of new york is like that too. Power plugs are different. It’s like three-prong It’s impossible to get one of your us power plugs in there So if you’re in the hotel just call downstairs and tell them you need an extension They’ll rush it on up to you, and you’ll be able to plug in your 12 volt plug. There’s a supermarket called, Woolworths They call it the bougie supermarket, and I guess it was kind of bougie It’ll give you the whole Whole Foods vibe And it had the customers to match but I will admit the things that I brought from there They just felt extra fresh and extra clean So it was a pleasant experience to get some groceries and a few other items now We were scheduled to go to Mandela’s house and people just told me it was in the township surrounded by a whole bunch of other people’s houses And I was also told that there was first of all over there that we could eat that was owned by Mandela’s family But when I asked all the people around where I was staying they told me that Mandela’s family had nothing to do with that restaurant so it took away all of my interest of going there But we did go to the Mandela square The only thing is I didn’t think it would be a mall that was kind of disappointing But we got a good time at the mall ate a lot of food drink a lot of drinks met a lot of cool people And just had an all-around good time.

Yo don’t forget to check our passport Kings com Or some new color and new design passport Kings shirts available look through their options and pick up the one you like the most The next time somebody tells me you need to go back to Africa I’d be so privileged I can’t wait to go back for Cape Town and Table Mountain and just like here the politics really didn’t have any effect on everyday life of people from what I seen the propaganda is an Illusion go out to South Africa or any other parts in Africa and find out the truth about those places for yourself You’ll be pleasantly surprised.