Review Lion AntiTopspin Prototype

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Lion Antitopspin Prototype This time we got from producer a prototype rubber. This rubber has no name yet. It’s an anti top spin which looks like Spinlord Gigant. Surface is slippy for sure.

The sponge is modified. It is not a natural caoutchouc. Has no standard structure.

Thickness such as 0,5mm is not typical to anti top spin rubber as well. We got this rubber in 2 sponge options. White and Black seems to be suchlike. Overall, the quality of made we rate high. Other slippery anti top spin from other producers are usually disposable.

These rubbers we can test on a few blades and we are not afraid they will break because of peeling off. On a film we used anti with white sponge. Next time we will do a comparable test with black sponge type. Test one The block is element we do quite often using anti top spin.

Our service receive is certain. No opponent’s spin makes us any issue. First ball for our opponent isn’t though as well.

Second and third makes however troubles. After 2 practises we can master this rubber to some level. It has got a good control, ball doesn’t escape and it is an technological step forward to even harder anti top spins. Players who will master it will be very heavy opponents.

Second test After a forehand attack it is harder to block. At the same time if we catch our opponent on the block, he has little chances to continue the game. If a defense player has got a good forehand top spin, then can from time to time attack with this anti and do a mess on the table. It is not completely 100% sure element. It is 50/50 the ball to land on the table. We can often go wrong.

If the ball lands on the table we have high chance to get a point at the same time. It is very unpleasant anti top spin. Third test Second zone play is a domain of long pimples. From anti top spin it is hard to cheat with the spin. In this case this anti proves well.

Ball flies in very unpleasant way. By a less technical training our opponent is in troubles. There are more and more often good players who use this type of rubber to defense play. It is a very recurrent play and can sweat out our opponent. Combination play by the table with various spin causes us lot of problems. For it it is needed to master this rubber better.

Push makes havoc on the other side if we can make it. Assuming up, the anti top spin is for players who are searching for something unusual. Some of classical defensors can find out to them.

Very curious rubber for those who can’t read spin very well. The quality of made is on a very high level. I think it is the best slippery anti top spin I’ve ever tested. Subjectively matches with my playstyle.