WrestleMania 22 predictions Part 1

It’s all happening this Sunday. Sports Entertainment’s biggest showcase…WrestleMania 22. Normally we have the WrestleMania party with all the fixin’s but due to a change (massive change) in household income I am praying we will be able to hold true to a household tradition.

Anyway I would like to drop my predictions. Even though those of us that are true followers of wrestling not the MARKS (Mark – A member of the audience, presumed gullible.) know all of the matches are predetermined but none the less fun to predict. So here is my 2 cents worth:

Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle in a Playboy Pillow Fight

Who cares? It will be a whole lot of rolling around, T’s shaking and A’s bouncing. If Victoria stays out of it and Candice doesn’t try to use her wand I can see Torrie winning. But once again it doesn’t matter.

Boogeyman vs. Booker T & Sharmell

This one should be interesting. I am still trying to find out more on the guy that plays Boogeyman but if in fact Sharmell is not at ringside I think Booker T’s ring skill will be tested. Boogeyman’s style is more of power than technical and if he can keep Booker T grounded he could possibly win. Prediction: Boogeyman

Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James for the Women’s Championship

In watching both ladies wrestle Trish strikes me as having just a little more ring skill than Mickie does. In previous matches I have spotted Mickie over-running her spot or not hitting her move at the right time. Trish on the flipside of the coin executes the same moves but she gets the bigger POP(Pop – Sudden heat from a house as a response to a wrestler’s entry or hot move.) no matter what. This particular match has potential for a great ANGLE (Angle – A wrestling plot which may involve only one match or may continue over several matches for some time; the reason behind a feud or a turn.). But if I have to predict it will be Trish if there is no interference. Prediction: Trish

Big Show & Kane vs. Chris Masters & Carlito for the World Tag Team

Now this has been an interesting road for both teams. You have had both teams wrestling together as well as one-on-one. Looking at both Big Show & Kane they have both dominated a mass majority of their matches. But they are both slow. Carlito and Chris are smaller in size which makes the a little quicker on the moves. As individual wrestlers they both are very good technically and honestly they probably would do good as the Tag-Team Champions but they will resort to winning a matches anyway they can if the possibility of losing is there. That has been proven in the last 2 matches they have had. Prediction: Big Show & Kane

WrestleMania 22 predictions Part 2 (4)

United States Champion Chris Benoit vs. JBL

Bar none Chris Benoit ranks up there with some of the best technical wrestler ever to grace the squared circle. JBL on the other hand is high ranking when it comes to power wrestlers. Not to mention the fact he is also a great bleeder. The disadvantage for Benoit is height and this could possess a challenge for him. JBL is also a dirty player when things are not in his favor. This is a hard one to call. I would like to see Benoit win but I see JBL on this one. Prediction: JBL

Edge vs. Mick Foley (Hardcore Match)

No doubt some of the best Hardcore matches have been given by Mick Foley. Personally his best were with Terry Funk but none the less he is known as the top Hardcore match specialist. Edge is known to have participated in the best TLC matches in WWE history and it has yet to be recreated. But let’s go back in time for a quick second. The last good somewhat of a hardcore match Mick Foley had was in the Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker at King of the Ring. He sustained some major injuries and if you ask me those injuries had an effect on his Hardcore matches from that point on.

In his “Loser must retire” match against Triple H it was clear his injuries had not totally healed. That to me was his last hardcore match. So now we come to this match against Edge. I see Mick giving his best (as he always does) but for some strange reason I am feeling Edge with the win. I am sure Edge will probably take the beating but in the end I just think he will win. Prediction: Edge