WrestleMania 22 predictions Part 2

Undertaker vs. Mark Henry (Casket Match)

At 13-00 in his WrestleMania matches the Undertaker is probably a favorite to win. Yeah okay because he beat Yokozuna who was his biggest opponent does not really warrant him doing it this time. If I had to just logic for this match I would look at it this way…The Undertaker has gotten older. I mean for real it is expected. I applaud him for his run and even admire the fact he is well respected in the locker room but the younger cats are bringing it now. Mark Henry has had many runs with the WWE and in all of his runs “The World’s Strongest Man” has been the center of his image. Finally He has come back with a “Crash through the wall” type of style and having this match does something for his career. Mark is the younger guy in this. He may not be fast but between the two he just strikes me as being the stronger one. That alone says he should win but I do believe the hype around The Undertaker being 13-0 and him being the senior will be factors in him winning. Prediction: The Undertaker

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

This is a inter-promotional match that will consist of 3 Smackdown Superstars and 3 Raw Superstars. The Superstars representing Smackdown will be Bobby Lashley, Matt Hardy and Fit Finlay while representing Raw will be Shelton Benjamin (current Raw Intercontinental Champion), Rob Van Dam, and Ric Flair. Out of all 6 participants Matt Hardy & Rob Van Dam are seasoned Ladder Match veterans. If I am not mistaken this is Ric Flair’s second ladder match in his whole career. At his age I am not feeling much participation from him. Now when I say that I am saying I do not see him doing some of the “Off the ladder” moves that the other participants will try. I sense the same feeling for Lashley & Finlay also. Lashey being big as all outdoors but not as agile and Finlay like Flair being up in age does not give me a good feeling when it come to utilizing the ladder for moves. Benjamin I am feeling somewhat of willing to try a move. I do not recall him being in a ladder match but he should be one to watch. Hardy & Van Dam I see taking it to the limit so they definitely are my favorites for the crowd response on ladder moves. And as funny as this sounds I think Flair just might win this. Prediction: Ric Flair